The choice is difficult to look at: a comparison between a dryer and a smart clothes dryer

Function comparison

1 The basic function of the smart drying rack is to facilitate drying. It can be lifted up and down automatically without shaking, and the pull-up can be activated by lifting it up 2cm.

Other functions include lighting, blowing, drying, ultraviolet sterilization, etc., with different functions at different prices.

2 The main function of the dryer is to dry quickly, which is more suitable when the clothes are difficult to dry in the rainy weather in the south. In addition, it also has functions such as sterilization and mite removal, intelligent anti-wrinkle, deodorizing and warm clothes.

Price comparison

1 The price of smart drying rack is relatively affordable.

2 The dryer is more expensive.

Drying effect

Clothes drying rods mainly use air blowing to dehumidify clothes, while dryers use high temperature to dry clothes.

1 The power of the clothes drying pole is about 200 watts to 400 watts, and the drying is relatively slow, and it takes about 2 to 3 hours to dry.

2. The power of the dryer ranges from 650 watts to 1850 watts. Of course, the drying effect is stronger than that of the clothes rail, and the fastest drying time is 30 minutes.

Sterilization function

Dryers basically rely on high temperature to sterilize. The common type of clothes hanger is ultraviolet sterilization, disinfection and mite removal. It takes about 1 to 2 years to replace the ultraviolet lamp tube.

Applicable clothes

The principle of the dryer is to dry at high temperature. Some clothes will shrink after drying, and the sheets will wrinkle.


1 If the lighting or ventilation in the deep north is very good, a smart drying rack with lifting function can completely solve the problem.

2 If there are maternal and child clothes at home that need to be disinfected and removed, choose a smart drying rack with sterilizing function.

3 If you can't place a dryer at home or your budget is insufficient, you can also choose a drying rack.

4 If it is difficult to dry clothes due to the continuous rain in the deep south, you can choose a smart dryer + a smart drying rack with lifting function. Use a dryer in rainy weather, underwear, a small amount of clothing or natural air drying in sunny weather.

Post time: Jul-31-2023